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Madison WI is a diverse and highly active city. It only makes sense that a city as diverse as Madison would have over 120 neighborhood associations which help to create strong neighborhoods and vibrant communities. These associations are as diverse as its people. Anyone relocating to Madison can find an area that best fits their needs, lifestyles and desires.

Neighborhoods vary from downtown focused condos and apartments to large lot country club homes, to funky homes in close knit neighborhoods. Although every neighborhood is different, they all provide a sense of community and a unique grouping of activities and resources that can make it the perfect place for your new home. Many of the neighborhoods are near some excellent Madison schools.

Click on the Madison neighborhoods below to learn about your great neighborhoods and find the right one for you and your family. As always feel free to contact info@TheAlvaradoGroup.com or call 608.251.6600 for a tour of all the Madison WI homes for sale.

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White house with grass in the foreground
Allied Dunn's Marsh
Creme house with red accents and a tree in front
Arbor Hills
Yellow house with driveway in the front
A white house with a shrub in the foreground
Capitol Neighborhoods
A brick building with red entrance
Cherokee Garden
A grey and black house
Creme house with red accents
East Buckeye
Lime green house with white accents
Yellow house with trees on the sides
red slanted house with trees on both sides
A red house hidden by shrubbery
Hill Farms
Yellow house with tree in the front
Lake Edge
Red house with white accents
Lake View Hill
White house with brown accents
brick building with siding on top
Madison West
White/Blue House with american flag in the front
Red flat house
Greenish house
Midvale Heights
Brick house with grass in the front
blackish house with bright pink tree in front
Orchard Ridge
Blue house with fence and trees in front
White house with red accents
Sunset Village
White two story house with balcony
A creme and grey house with red chimney
Brick house covered by lots of shrubbery
Village of Shorewood Hills
Brick and green building with grass in front