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Live Green. Vive Verde.

When you work with us, you’re working with a company that not only cares about its clients and the community, but also cares about the environment.  We are committed to green practices in our business and office and are constantly striving to live green every way we can, which includes helping our clients understand ways we can live in our home that support a healthier planet.

We aim to create a sustainable community, both through strong relationships and respect and care for our natural environment.

We love sharing our knowledge of sustainability and the home as a system, and have forged local partnerships as an added value for our clients that are interested in creating a more efficient and healthier home for their family.

A tote bag on the left with cleaning supplies in the front

We can help you start to save and be energy efficient.

Our agents are part of the Ambassador Program with Focus on Energy. They partner with Wisconsin utility companies to bring incentives to homeowners to start to changes to their home to increase energy efficiency and savings. We can provide resources and connections to help our clients update their home.

Learn with our agents how to receive free energy efficient products mailed to your home, get paid to sign up for free pick up of your old freezer/refrigerator, receive incentives including $125 free HVAC tune-up voucher for clients, and get $50 cash back on ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostats!

Safer & Greener Homes

Keeping you and your loved ones safe
Many eco-friendly products are nontoxic and free of harmful fumes, nitrates, phosphates and chlorine bleach that are common in most cleaner, while being tough on dirt.

Earth-friendly products for your home
Various options including Get Clean uses biodegradable, earth-friendly cleaning agents and are super-concentrated, which means less weight to ship, less bottles, less packaging to throw away, and less orders which saves you money.

Products for daily use

Shaklee Green Products:
From dishes to laundry, from ceiling to floor. There are just a few earth-friendly cleaners needed.  Economical, they work great, and are also non-toxic. View products >

Green Solutions from Net Zero Company
Reuseable & washable, produce bags-eliminates plastic and keeps your fruits/veggies fresher longer! Stretch and Seal Silicone food covers reduce the need for plastic wrap and aluminum foil. View products >

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Green Landscaping

Did you know proper landscaping can lower your energy bills? Well-designed landscaping can pay for itself. You can add shade, windbreaks, and design your yard to conserve water. Here is an infographic with some great tips from the U.S. Department of Energy to achieve all of the above.

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1. Manage your time properly. Start organizing and packing at least one month before the moving day. Start with things that you don't use daily. Your ski suit, snow boots, winter clothes, most of the books, CD's and computer games and other things you can do without for a few weeks.

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Live Green, Vive Verde by Investing in Landscaping!

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