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Jack O’Lantern Season

Jack O’Lantern Season

jack o'lanterns on the ground covered in fall orange leaves

Halloween  is almost here!  As we approach the end of October, we wanted to list some trick-or-treat times, other related events, and some resources for good safety tips.


Trick-or-treat times around Dane County are around 4pm – 7pm (dark). Thankfully, Haunted Wisconsin has done most of the leg work for us. Many communities still haven’t listed their times yet but this link will provide the majority of villages, towns, and cities trick-or-treat dates for the entire state. 

Other Local Events

  • The Community Alter Project is a fun community art project through University of Wisconsin and the Overture Center for the arts. The gallery will be open in the rotunda from October 28 until November 15. Click here to find out more and to reserve a box
  • Head to downtown Middleton in October for an outdoor, interactive reading of “Trick Arr Treat,” by Leslie Kimmelman and illustrated by Jorge Monlongo — the story about children looking for adventure on Halloween by dressing up as pirates and seeking “treasure” from their neighbors. Check out the Middleton Public Library website for all of the details. 
  • Tis the season for a Haunted Madison Ghost tour. There are three tours to choose from that walk you in different locations of downtown Madison to get you into the Halloween mood. This is great for a date night or a fun COVID safe outing. Click here to book your tickets. Of course, watch the weather forecast.


We could write a bunch about safety but fortunately for us, Haunted Wisconsin also has this covered. Many of these tips are common sense but it’s a great resource on every aspect of the trick-or-treat night.  

There is also a great COVID 19 resource provided by Madison & Dane County Public Health. Even though cases are going down, it is still our responsibility to do everything we can to lower the risk of spreading COVID 19. 

We hope everyone has fun and safe experiences as they participate in all of the wonderful community events offered during the Halloween season.

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