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Home Maintenance Tips: Assessing and Addressing Water Damage

With the heavy rainfall we've had this summer, you may have noticed water in places it shouldn't be in your home. Basement cracks, damaged shingles, even improperly sealed vents can provide an entry point for water, causing small spots, stains, or (at the very worst) rot, mold, and possible structural damage to your home.

There are other ways water can wreak havoc in the house, though, that have nothing to do with mother nature. Think about all of the appliances you have in your home that use water- the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the washing machine, the hot water heater- and all of the pipes and fixtures that control the flow of water in your home, like your sinks, showers/baths, exterior faucets, and more!

To make sure you're protecting your biggest asset, we thought we would share some great tips from Ryan Waite of Neckerman Insurance, on checking your home for leaks and drips that happen without the help of mother nature. 

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Congratulations Brenda & Mike!

Thanks for another opportunity to work together, Mike and Brenda! I’m happy not only to call you my past clients but more importantly, my good friends. -  Julie If you'd like to discuss selling or buying a home, please contact Julie Colmar at JulieColmar@TheAlvaradoGroup.com.

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314 N Meadow Lane, Madison, WI- Sold by the Alvarado Real Estate Group

JUST SOLD! 314 N Meadow Lane, Madison, WI on 7/7/17 for $287,000. 2BD, 2BA, 1583 SqFt, this Charming Classic Ranch has a walk-out basement and is near Hilldale mall, UW & Hospitals!

Congratulations to our buyers!

This home was sold by Julie Colmar of The Alvarado Real Estate Group. To discuss buying or selling your home, please contact Julie Colmar today at 608-852-7336, or juliecolmar@thealvaradogroup.com.

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4157 Hiawatha Dr, Madison, WI – Sold by Alvarado Real Estate Group
















JUST SOLD! Congratulations on your new home. Wishing you many happy years of creative home projects, gardening and enjoying the beautiful neighborhood of Nakoma.

The joy is in the journey! The happy home buyers found the perfect home in a neighborhood they had not first considered. Brett was able to guide them through discovering different neighborhoods and they knew right away when this home came on the market. The family that was selling had lived in the home for over 40 years and it was incredibly well maintained. It also meant that there was a lot of competition but with a well written offer and terms that both buyers and sellers were happy with, Brett was able to put together the perfect match. At closing, the Sellers brought a detailed map of the gardens and landscaping which was icing on the cake because the Buyers can’t wait to start gardening. There is nothing sweeter for Sellers than trusting the new homeowners will care and love for their home as well as they did. 


This home was sold by Brett Larson of the The Alvarado Real Estate Group. To discuss buying or selling your home, please contact Brett Larson today at 608-575-4123, or brett@thealvaradogroup.com.

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