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Gallery Night

Gallery Night
Come visit us on gallery night – May 6th from 5-9pm! We are partnering with Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA) for Gallery Night! Two phenomenal artists will be showcasing their work. It’s always fun to meet the artists! Refreshments will be provided.

Alvarado Real Estate Group will be hosting this season’s gallery night at 1920 Monroe Street, right next to their office building. The building is currently for rent and would be a great space for professional offices, or medical, therapeutic, and other well-being practices. Come for the art, and check out the real estate too!

Issis Macias, is an artist living and working in Madison. She is a self-taught artist, first generation Mexican American, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her paintings are varied in style, reflecting an intuitive process and approach. She primarily works with acrylic and oil pastels on canvas to make abstract artwork that is vibrant and emotive. Her paintings are derived from free-form methods of smearing and scraping paint with canvas keys, wedges, and bare hands.
For Issis, painting is a meditative process where the texture of each pigment guides the movement of hands as it soaks into the canvas. She finds inspiration in Mother Earth’s colors, Indigenous art, water, music, travel, and her little muse – Inez Lily.
Rodrigo Carapia Art is a self-taught artist who originates from Mexico City. He first began with street art, which allowed him to experiment with his art on bigger scales. When he moved to the United States he began to perfect his art on canvas and paper. Once his brush touches the canvas the work he portrays becomes an epitome of his rich Mexa culture.
Now, as an artist Mr. Carapia uses his work as a form of self-expression and resistance through offering art workshops in schools, juvenile correctional centers, which has given the youth a form of expression and a sense of freedom. His work has also been donated to grassroots organizations that help the undocumented community- and workers unions. You might spot his art around Wisconsin in murals, restaurants, and in several showcases.
Instagram: @Rodri.art
We hope you can join us!

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