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Fall the Season, Not Fall Apart

Fall the Season, Not Fall Apart

Fall is here and that inevitably means that there are some house preparations to be made. We compiled some websites that might be useful when organizing your Autumn house repairs and maintenance…we know you want to keep your house in great shape!

These four websites have some fantastic reminders and simple ‘how tos’ when preparing your home for winter. We highlighted some of the ones that were surprising to us. Please turn to those fantastic local small businesses when hiring people to support your Autumn preparations.

CHUBB (American Casualty Excess Insurance Company Ltd)

We find this to be a very direct and basic list to help with winter preparations. The article also has an additional list of 10 ways to protect your home from cold weather throughout the winter.

We really appreciate #4 on this list. Often we think we can take care of the brush and branches close to the house in the Spring. It’s really easy to just take care of it in the Fall while you’re already doing so much other lawn maintenance. And when Spring does arrive, you’ll be so much happier that it’s already done.


This list is extensive and offers some humor while suggesting unique ideas for preparing the home and yard. We also find many of the suggestions fantastic. One that pops out immediately is #19, Make that winter driving kit now. How many of us get into our vehicles after the first snow fall and don’t have a scraper in the car?!

This article also has some other great reminders. #5: Don’t stop watering your lawn.  Just because it’s Fall, the grass is still growing and by watering it, we can recover any damage caused by summer heat. There is also #7: Check all of your paint and move certain paints and caulks that may not handle extreme temperatures. 


This blog is also a great simple list of things to complete with the house and lawn for Autumn. #2 is to check the drafts. All of the lists provide this as a task, however, House Beautiful adds a great pro tip.  

We also like #4, bring your outdoor furniture in. Raise your hand if you’ve left cushions out all Winter and then were upset you had to go get new ones in the Spring. 


It’s difficult to mention home repair and not mention Bob Vila. This article from his website offers some other valuable gems. Many items mentioned here also pair well with the advice from the other blogs. #5, Keep the plants warm. We sometimes forget this. Some vegetables, like broccoli, keep producing and if we keep them covered, we can get more produce. Even those mums can use some love when the frost comes.  

We also enjoy #9.  This is a great time to check all of the batteries in the house. Take 30 minutes (or however long it takes) and go get them replaced. 

We hope you find some enjoyment and usefulness from these blogs. We really enjoyed looking through them. HAPPY AUTUMN HOUSE LOVE! 

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