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Madison, WI 53711

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Jackson Bravo

Real Estate Consultant

Bilingual in Spanish

Originally from Ecuador, I have been living in Madison for 16 years and I consider this beautiful city my home. I went to school here, met my gracious wife at the Memorial Union Terrace, and in December of 2019, our baby girl was born. In Madison, I have made great friendships, embraced abundant experiences, and explored plenty of opportunities. Madison is indeed the best place for me to live, raise a family, and to grow.

Real estate has always called my attention. I come from a family of carpenters, engineers, merchants, and artists. Since my childhood, I was involved in projects where customer service was valued. The sense of harmony, collaboration, honesty, and good living are very important. When I arrived in Madison, I worked for my family’s construction company and eventually decided to go to school for information technology. Little did I know that I would get back to land and buildings as a Real Estate Agent over time.

It will be with great gratitude and responsibility to provide the best service to you. I am confident that my experience in construction, technology, and customer service will benefit you throughout the transaction. Access to real estate databases and resources may be the same for any realtor, yet my ability to navigate and interpret the data is exceptional. Additionally, I provide my diverse expertise, and I am fully committed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. I pride myself on being detail-oriented, readily available and enthusiastic. My references can attest that I am friendly, punctual, kind, caring, easy-going, with excellent moral character, and I like to keep long-lasting relationships. I truly consider my full-time job to represent your best interest.

My aim in my real estate career is to encourage everyone to participate in the opportunity that real estate provides in building wealth and creating education and access for all.

A little more about me—I am a husband and a father who likes to go out with my family for walks, dances, bike rides. With my family and friends, we often explore and support local venues. In my free time, I enjoy local music and read about the real estate market and new technological advancements. Additionally, as I am bilingual in Spanish and English, I often help non-English speakers with translations.

Having a place to call home is important and owning a home that is yours is something everyone should be able to achieve. I encourage you to be a homeowner and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer and the long term opportunities.

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