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Lake Edge

Just south of Olbrich Park and Eastmorland, you’ll find yourself in the Lake Edge neighborhood. While the neighborhood consists of an eclectic mix of home styles, many are modest homes built after WWII when it was annexed from the town of Blooming Grove. Large lots, varying elevations, and a canopy of mature street trees is common. Bordering the neighborhood, the major thoroughfares of Monona Drive and Cottage Grove Road provide ample space for businesses. Craft and gift stores, restaurants and café populate the Lake Edge Shopping Center, while a handful of bars and restaurants, such as the Jade Monkey Cocktail Lounge, line Cottage Grove Road. The neighborhood has easy access to Lake Monona and the Monona Loop bike path (which includes the Madison staple, Michael’s Frozen Custard) and a variety of parks and recreational opportunities. Lake Edge Park has a reservable shelter, open playing field, shade trees, and a playground. YMCA East is also nearby. Royster-Clark site, just to the north on Cottage Grove Road is being redeveloped to include mixed use and an expanded Pinney Branch library. Recent neighborhood plans have determined the Stoughton Rd. corridor to be a gateway to the city. This plan will include promoting a positive business climate, connect neighborhoods, generate design standards and update land uses.