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JUST SOLD! Charming Monona Home

1011 Birch Haven Circle, Monona


Aaron was looking for an agent to get to know him and really listen to what he was looking for in a home. He had a lot of questions when he sat down with Adrienne Sella for a buyer consultation so they could discuss the details of what he wanted to find in a home and the right location. After fine tuning the results of his search there were only two homes that fit what Aaron was looking for. This is the fun part - they went out to see both homes, wrote an offer on the best one in Monona, got it accepted, successfully negotiated through the contingencies and closed within 30 days!

They could have spent weeks driving around, looking at houses that weren't right for Aaron but we all know that time is hard to come by in today's busy world. Finding the right house isn't just about looking at what is out is about taking the time to talk about what is important, having a Realtor that knows how to listen, knows the market and what is realistic and helping their client focus and understand on how the process works.

Before you start looking for your next home...find the right Realtor. It will make a difference.

JUST SOLD! Alvarado Real Estate Group

Westmorland Recent Sales, Madison WI Real Estate

A strong community, great schools, solid homes!


Here is the list of recent area home sales in Westmorland for 2012:



Sold Price

    Close Date

    Days on the Market

      610 Anthony Ln       $170,000       2/27/2012


      4018 Tokay Blvd       $175,000       2/15/2012


      591 Toepfer Ave       $177,400       4/26/2012


      449 Toepfer Ave       $195,000       5/15/2012


      609 Frederick Ln       $205,000       4/2/2012


      3825 Paunack Ave       $217,500       1/23/2012


      522 Holly Ave       $233,000       2/28/2012


      4314 Waite Cir       $245,000       1/27/2012


      4210 Somerset Ln       $249,400       4/30/2012


      4104 Paunack Ave       $260,000       5/18/2012


      2 Birch Cir       $280,000       2/17/2012


      457 S Owen Dr       $286,000       2/9/2012


      564 Toepfer Ave       $287,500       2/10/2012










If you have specific questions about any of these sales or would like to get instant updates on homes for sale in Westmorland, please contact Sara Alvarado, 608.438.5005, Thank you!

Jazz in the Park, Lake Wingra Park, Madison WI 2012

Jazz in the Park, Lake Wingra, Madison, WI

We are proud to be one of the sponsor's of this year's 21st Annual Jazz in the Park music festival at Wingra Park on Saturday, June 16, 2012 hosted by Dudgeon Monroe Neighborhood. Since opening our second office on Monroe Street we have been looking forward to being involved in all the amazing events that strengthen this vibrant community. This event is an opportunity to celebrate the neighborhood by bringing everyone together to spend time in one of the most beautiful Madison area parks, honor the natural beauty and give time cleaning up Lake Wingra, dancing, playing and visiting with old and new friends. We hope to see you there!

The day includes an array of events including:

The event is made possible by many members' donations and over 20 local businesses. Tyler Leeper (owner of Wingra Boats) is the main organizer and without his passion and commitment it wouldn't be as fun! Thanks Tyler for all your work.

JUST SOLD! Madison, WI Eastside Home

502 Powers Madison, WI

Ben was looking to buy a home quickly before his lease expired, and was open to a variety of locations. He found a house, wrote an offer that was accepted and then things went bad in the inspection. With the help of Carlos Alvarado, Ben was able to get out of that offer and ended up finding this great East side home that was new to the market. It was a better size for him and had the backyard he really wanted. The process was smooth from that point on and Ben is a happy new homeowner of his Madison home! Congratulations Ben on finding the right home!

Carlos is an expert working with buyers and brings great knowledge, experience and patience to the process. Feel free to contact Carlos Alvarado today at 608.438.6757 or

23rd Marquette Waterfront Festival


The Alvarado Group is a proud sponsor of this year's Marquette Riverfront Festival.  The festival takes place Saturday, June 9th & Sunday, June 10th at Yahara Place Park, and is a wonderful event to bring our neighborhood together. Come down and listen to a variety of live music, fill up on some yummy food, and have a beverage!  Other happenings include 2012 Dandelion Run, Co-ed Volleyball Tournament & Yahara River Canoe Race on Sunday.

For more information on the festival visit:

Marquette River Festival

We hope to see you there!























JUST SOLD! - 1219 Vilas Ave. Madison, WI

1219 Vilas Ave. Madison, WI

David was looking for a 2 unit in downtown Madison.  Many of the 2 units that he looked at in his price range needed more work than he wanted to tackle.  While Julie Campbell was out showing David a few more 2 unit homes, she suggested they take a look at this single family home on Vilas. Julie knew the home had dropped around $50,000 in price during the past couple months, and was vacant, so taking a quick peak would be easy.  Needless to say, David fell in love with this home!  Priced at $249,000, the home needed a little work, had space for David to plant a garden, and had the charm and character he was looking for in a downtown Madison home.  David's offer of $245,000 was accepted, which meant that he could finally settle down in Madison after being in Seattle for 10 years.  Cheers to both David and Julie on the successful sale of this home!

Having a realtor that knows the market, and really gets to know you is important when buying a home.  David's home purchase shows that Julie Campbell is a realtor who really knows her stuff about home buying and the Madison, WI area.  If you are looking to buy a new home, or sell your current home, don't hesitate to contact Julie Campbell at 608.577.3767 or, and see how her knowledge and experience can benefit you!

David will tell you himself:

"I am completely satisfied having worked with Julie Campbell in the Alvarado Group. It's interesting, but I was hesitant to look for a house: my prior experience buying a condo out west was a bit disagreeable, but my lease was about to expire and I just floated the idea to Julie. We took it slow, and looked at a few places, honing what I wanted. Her enthusiasm was amazing; clearly, she loves what she does and it rubs off. I found myself really enjoying the process, and her non-pushy, client-centric approach helped me learn what I wanted in a house, and what would ultimately be best for me. Blowing all of my expectations about the process, I actually had fun, not only the process of looking, but the possibilities for making my "dream" house after the purchase was all said and done. The result? It all came together just as it should, and I am  now in a place that I love, excited to get to know the neighborhood, make a garden, and have all of my friends and family over for the housewarming party!" Sincerely, David Kiefer