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Alvarado Team builds for a Madison Habitat for Humanity House

Kathryn and Julie, Alvarado Real Estate Group

Kathryn Wunnicke and Julie Campbell

Bringing our team together during our busy season to help out in the community is something that we can be proud of and we ARE! For us we get a double benefit. Not only do we love getting out in the community and being of service, but we get to experience fun team building activities together. Volunteering for the day with Habitat for Humanity had been something that we talked about doing for months and Kathryn Wunnicke finally said, I'm picking a day and signing us up. Thank you Kathryn! 

Habitat for Humanity is an organization very dear to our hearts. We meet people all the time that can't afford what they need or are in bad situations and are in need. We work with families that have sold a home they've lived in for many years, have raised their children, experienced happiness and sorrow and created a memories in. We understand the value of a place to call home. And this is why it is crucial for everyone to have the opportunity. Habitat for Humanity also strives for building with green and energy efficient practices. As EcoBrokers, that is something that we value, support and promote too. Through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials, Habitat builds and rehabilitates simple, decent houses with the help of the homeowner (partner) families.

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Habitat houses are sold to partner families at no profit, financed with affordable, no-interest loans. The homeowners' monthly mortgage payments are used to build more Habitat houses. Habitat is not a giveaway program. In addition to a down payment and the monthly mortgage payments, homeowners invest their own labor -- sweat equity -- into building their Habitat house and the houses of others. Families are required to put in a minimum of 325 sweat equity hours for a two-parent family and 300 sweat equity hours for a single-parent family. Each Madison WI family must also attend educational courses on how to maintain a home, landscaping, budgeting and insurance. The combination of holding down construction expense and eliminating mortgage interest makes these homes affordable. Including property taxes and insurance, the Habitat homeowner's monthly mortgage payment is no more than 25 percent of their gross income. And with a historically strong Madison area real estate market, this is an amazing accomplishment. It is made possible by Madison's strong community and desire to create affordable housing.

We all had a wonderful day working in the hot sun and learned that Darcy really knows how to use a saw (and prepare an offer while on a break), Carlos is up for any challenge, Sara is a great cheerleader (and can pound a nail pretty well too), Julie is queen of proper measurments, and Kathryn was the super glue that held us all together!

Kathryn and Julie, Alvarado Real Estate Group

Kathryn Wunnicke and Julie Campbell

1604 Eggum Court, Mount Horeb, WI - House For Sale

1604 Eggum Court - Mount Horeb, WI

Walk into this incredibly and professionally designed home and fall in love! Benefit from the quiet cul-de-sac & enjoy a HUGE, private backyard great for playing and running around. The main floor features a formal dining room, hardwood floors, living room plus a family room with gas fireplace and vaulted ceilings, laundry room, large closets and half bath. The upstairs master suite has a huge dressing room/closet plus a second closet and a full master bathroom. 

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Home Features and Important Information:

- 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath, 2170 sq. ft. - Main floor family room with gas fireplace and vaulted ceilings - Large backyard and deck - Natural sunlight, high ceilings - Hot tub negotiable

2010 Updates - New deck - Landscaping--new mulch beds - Many light fixtures replaced - New ceiling fans in family room and master bedroom - New screen doors

2009 Updates - New carpet in living room, family room and 2nd floor - Professionally designed and newly painted (whole house)

Basement is ready to be finished and is plumbed for a full bathroom. Shower stall is not connected but is included in the sale.

For current price and more information, click here.

Neighborhood and Community Information

To visit the Village of Mount Horeb website, click here.

To visit the Mount Horeb Area Historical Society website, click here.

School Information for 1604 Eggum Court:

To visit the Mount Horeb Area School District website, click here.

For more information about this great house and to schedule a tour, call 608-438-5005 or email Or call one of our team members directly.

316 Virginia Terrace - Madison, WI - Home For Sale

316 Virginina Terrace, Madison WI

Beautiful classic 2 story home in a very special Madison neighborhood with mature trees, close community, great parks! This 3 bedroom home has a spacious flow to the floor plan and feels a lot bigger than the square footage. Sip on coffee on the large deck overlooking private backyard or enjoy the sunroom (currently a study) on a rainy day. Classic charm, arched doorways, wood floors, spacious kitchen & a main floor half bath! Incredibly desirable location close to West High School (but not too close!). 1 year home warranty included. Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

For current price and additional information click here.

Neighborhood Information

From the City of Madison websiteThe Regent-Allen Neighborhood Commercial District has a cluster of neighborhood-oriented shops (coffee shop, food co-op, hair saloon) and artistic retail galleries and shops.Many neighbors walk (or bike) and shop to support their local businesses. Hillington Green Park is one of those other neighborhood gathering places: kids playing in the summer to ice skating in the winter that makes living in this neighborhood special. Enjoy many neighborhood activities like Fourth of July Parade, Garden Tours, Neighborhood Garage Sale (coming soon on August 8th!). Regent Neighborhood is home to two of the finest public schools in Madison: Randall Elementary and West High Schools. Both schools provide the neighborhood with liveliness: kids walking to and from school, homecoming parades, and musicals and theater productions at our doorstep. We are a walkable and bikeable neighborhood with easy access to UW campus and hospital.

School Information for 316 Virginia Terrace:

Franklin/Randall Elementary Hamilton Middle School West High School

Madison's Community Gardens Bike Tour

Are you in Madison WI this weekend? This is a great family event that will not only get you all out on your bikes but will introduce you to some beautiful community gardens. Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin, Inc. and the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin are joining together in hosting the 8th annual Community Gardens Bike Tour with Mayor Dave Cieslewicz. This is the kind of event that makes us love living in the Madison area over and over again!  Family and friends cycling in Madison WI

Saturday, July 24, 2010 from 9am to 1pm. Meet at the East High Youth Farm.

This event is a free, family-friendly bike tour of four Madison and Monona community and food pantry gardens. Here is an overview of the tour site visits: - The bike tour will begin at the East High Youth farm (off Milwaukee Street on Lamplighter Way), then  - The Glendale School garden and - Monona United Methodist Church community and food pantry garden and the tour ends with - Lunch at noon at St. Stephen's Lutheran Church community and food pantry garden.

For further information contact: Nicole Craig, Community Gardens Specialist at the Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin, Inc. via phone: 608-246-4730 ext. 208, email: or visit online:

Pretending to Sell your Madison Home

Whether you really need to sell your home or not, I am going to encourage you to PRETEND. I know that sounds weird but hear me out. I work with people every day that are getting ready to sell, need to sell and/or have been trying to sell their home, so I know what is going on in their world (and sometimes I know too much!). You don't need to know everything I know about this because some things you just don't want to know (trust me on that). But there is one thing I know for sure that is so wonderful and amazing. And recently every time it has come up, I have felt like I'm keeping this secret from the world by not sharing it! So here it is: Right before you put your house on the market it looks fabulous. Absolutely amazing and perfect. And at that time, and maybe only at that time, the homeowner says, "Oh my God, I love our house!"

That's it. That is the secret. Doesn't sound that earth-shattering does it? But it is. If you've lived in your house for a couple of years you know that there is some caulking you need to do. It's been on your to do list for a couple of years now. And you've always wanted to replace the ugly brass light fixture in the front hall. You have a painting that is leaning up against your closet wall that you've been meaning to hang in the kid's room and the chair in the living room would look a lot better in the family room but you just haven't gotten around to moving it yet. Then there is that one piece of chipped trim that has been like that since you bought the house and you still wonder how it happened, but fixing it...just hasn't happened. And the appliances are super old and need to be replaced.

I challenge you to pretend that you got a new job in (insert your fantasy destination) _______ and you are moving in 1 month. You have to get your house on the market and ready for showings in 2 weeks. Spend the next two weeks doing all of those things that you know you would have to do to market it properly. Some of it you can hire out. A handyperson (check out our list of preferred contractors) can get a lot done in 1/2 days work. But most of it you need to take some time and do. With everything else you have going on in your life this may seem silly. But I can't tell you how many times I hear people say, "I always wanted to do that" and "if only I could have enjoyed my house like this longer." You get my point? So many people are buying new appliances for people they don't know. Future homebuyers are going to enjoy the fresh paint and the clean windows. You deserve to live in a home you love. So do it! Do it now!

You wanna know a secret? I create marketing materials for homes that I list and I always put together these homebooks for the buyers so they can have all the information about the home and the neighborhood. Well the home information page has a list of updates that the homeowners have done since they've owned it and usually it is organized by the year of the updates. Well most homes have the majority of the updates in the first year it was purchased and the most recent year (work done in preparation for the sale). Then there are some years that the poor house was neglected. So I'm always on my husband to update something. And I'm nagging him for the simple reason that I want to fill up my homebook page with updates when we are finally ready to sell. Yeah, okay, I nag him because I know things need to be updated and maintained too but secretly I'm thinking of my future homebook! (only slightly pathetic).

If you need more inspiration than that (which would be kind of pathetic) then read this blog post called Low-Stress Ways to Move House and De-Clutter Your Life by Annabel Candy who was guest blogging for one of my FAVORITE blogs, Zen Habits. Now go pretend to sell your house.  

Foxwood Trail, Madison WI

Before Photo

Foxwood Trail, Madison WI

Before Photo

What is all this 'Agency' talk? Understanding Representation in Madison WI Real Estate

 Are you properly represented? What does that mean? What is the difference between a Seller's Agent and a Buyer's Agent? Sometimes Buyers are working with the Selling Agent (who is representing the Seller) and they don't even know it. Before you start scheduling showings it is important to understand how things work and who is who. And if you want a Realtor to represent your best interest, I highly recommend finding an Agent that you are comfortable with and that you trust that can talk to you about the process and work with as your Buyer's Agent. Here is a quick overview on what is what and how Realtors get paid...   

Various Representations Buyers can choose:

Seller's Agent

A Seller's Agent is any agent showing properties to you without having first signed a buyer agency contract with you. A Seller's Agent is representing all of the individual sellers of the various properties you are viewing. You are not the Agent's client. Prior to negotiating an offer, you will receive a Disclosure of Real Estate Agency that lists the fair treatment duties owed to you as a customer and indicates that the agent is representing the Sellers. (or email us at for the most current WI disclosure document).


Carlos Alvarado, Buyer's Agent with Alvarado Real Estate Group

Buyer's Agent Carlos Alvarado with Happy Buyer Clients Josh and Kathy

Buyer's Agent

If you work with a Buyer's Agent, you become that agent's client and are no longer a customer. You and the Buyer's Agent sign a WB-36; Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement that secures the relationship for a period of time*. The agreement specifically explains the difference in the duties the agent owes all parties and what duties they owe you, our client, above and beyond that. Buyers have great things to say about working with us through the buyer process. *Our buyer agency agreement has an Easy Exit Clause because we don't believe that you should feel 'stuck' working with us if it isn't a good fit. It's an important part of who we are and how we do business.

Designated Agent

You can choose designated agency for the times when you like a home that is listed with The Alvarado Group. If you have a Buyer Agency agreement with an Alvarado Group Buyer Specialist you are secure in receiving full Buyer Agent Representation through designated agency. Your agent will become your designated agent for that transaction and the Seller will have their own designated agent even within the same brokerage.  


How Realtors® Are Paid 

Seller's Agent The Home Seller pays a commission to their listing broker based on a percentage of the selling price. The listing broker then splits this commission with the selling broker. The commission is agreed upon in the Listing Agreement between the Listing Agent and the Home Seller.

Buyer's Agent When you hire a Buyer's Agent you are hiring a professional real estate agent to represent your best interest above all others and it is a professional service. There are three basic ways a buyer's agent can be paid:

  1. The Alvarado Group can participate in the "MLS Offer of Cooperation" on listed properties. In accepting the MLS offer of compensation we accept whatever compensation the seller has agreed to pay per their listing agreement. This does not create an agency agreement between The Alvarado Group and the Seller - we still represent you, the Buyer. Payment in this manner typically covers all of our agreed upon fees.
  2. As a condition of the offer to purchase, we can instruct the Seller to pay The Alvarado Group on the Buyer's behalf. This arrangement allows the Buyer Agency fee to be included in the transaction costs. This is can be used with for sale by owner transactions and on discounted brokerage service listings.
  3. The Buyer can pay The Alvarado Group directly upon the close of the sale. We don't see this happen often, but it is an option.

All of the options are discussed at a no obligation Buyer consultation to ensure there is good understanding and agreement. It is crucial for Buyers and Seller to understand how things work so they can make the right decision and be properly protected.

Sellers interview Agents in selling their home, shouldn't you interview Agents in buying one? Meet our Buyer Specialists and call for a free consultation today, 608.251.6600.

Was this information helpful? If you have further questions or would like clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Open Houses - this weekend in Madison WI

Two great open houses this weekend for those that are searching in the range of $284,900 - $299,900. 

12 Quinn Circle, Madison WI
12 Quinn Circle, Madison WI

12 Quinn Circle, Madison

The first featured home we are proud to present is at 12 Quinn Circle, Madison, WI in the Waunona neighborhood ($284,900). This 3 bedroom home is just one block to Lake Monona and Esther Beach and has a great flowing layout that is perfect for entertaining and showcases beautiful views of the wooded back yard and the large lot. Recently remodeled kitchen area features a gorgeous granite island, energy efficient radiant-heated Italian tile floors and stainless steel applicances. With 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2224 square feet and an attached 2 car garage, this home has great value. Kathryn Wunnicke is hosting this open house from 12-2pm on July 18th, 2010 and invites you to come for a live tour. 

818 Emerson, Madison WI
818 Emerson, Madison WI

818 Emerson Street, Madison

Open Sunday from 12-2pm, hosted by Julie Campbell. A charming cape cod in the Bay Creek Neighborhood, well cared for by the current owners proves to be a suprise for many as it seems much smaller on the outside than it is when you walk through it. This home is quite large for the area with 2,086 sq. ft. and features a den on the main floor and a fourth bedroom (currently used as an office). The lower level family room has been professionally finished and features a full bath with an extra large tub, perfect for guests. You'll love the details found in the remodeled kitchen with newer cabinets, granite counters and more! 818 Emerson Street has 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2,086 square feet, one car garage and is offered at $299,900.  

Open houses are a great way to get to know a neighborhood and gather information to see what different styles are like, different price points and design ideas. They are also a great way to get off your online search, start seeing homes live and ask local, professional Real Estate Specialists your questions about the home buying search or the selling process. And if Sunday open houses don't fit into your busy schedule, just call 608.438.4315 or email for a private showing. Our job is to get to know YOU, not just sell you a house.

Fun Weekend Events in Madison WI: canoeing, shopping, live music and cotton candy!

paddle & portage in madison wi
Canoe race in action with Olin Park in the distance

Paddle & Portage this Saturday, July 17th!

This well attended Madison canoe race that has been going on for 31 years! There are hundreds of participants that compete together on Lake Mendota and Lake Monona and if you aren't in the race there are great times to be had by the fans and supporters too. Participants and spectators are invited to enjoy music, food, and the 2010 Paddle & Portage awards ceremony following the race.

The race begins at 10am at James Madison Park with a 1.5 mile paddle on Lake Mendota, followed by a 1 mile portage over the central isthmus, and a final 1.5 mile paddle across Lake Monona to finish at Olin-Turville Park. For more information or to register, please visit Questions: contact Wisconsin Sports Development Corporation at (608) 226-4780.

Dane County Fair, Madison WI

Dane County Fair in Madison WI

Dane County Fair

This year I can say that there is definitely something for everyone at the Fair. I normally wouldn't say that but as you skim through the different events and activities you will have to agree! There is a lot going on at the Dane County Fair through July 18th located on the grounds at Alliant Energy Center.

Youth Day - Friday, July 16 Specially designed activities for kids of all ages! Activities start at 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Exhibition Hall.

Agri-Versity - Friday, July 16 Come and test your knowledge about agriculture! Meet pigs, goats and other furry, fun creatures.

Family Safety Day Saturday, July 17 Rural Mutual The Fire Trucks and Rescue Vehicles parade will kick-off Safety Day! Activities start at 1:00 p.m.

Join us for Green Drive Expo 2010!

Truthfully I'm not a big carnival kind of a girl but I do the good mom thing and I take my kids to the fair every couple of years. Well this year I'm actually excited to go because I get to hang out at the Green Drive Expo. The Green Drive Expo is about green transportation, and is also a place for discussion of important issues such as climate change, air quality, and the need for sustainable living. Car dealers, environmental groups, vendors, and others will be on hand to make Green Drive Expo a memorable experience.

Tractor Parade - Saturday, July 17 For the Tractor lovers out there...check out the Tractor Parade. A parade of tractors that are all colors and sizes will be on display from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Tons of Great Music! All outdoor concerts and entertainment are FREE with fair admission! Stage shows, youth exhibits, special attractions, and daily strolling acts are only some of the entertainment you'll find at the fair! Check out the website for specific bands, dates and showtimes. Not to mention the rides, the food, the animals...I just can't fit it all in so either get over there and see for yourself or go to the website and pick your fun.

Maxwell Street Days, Madison WI

Dane County Fair in Madison WI

Maxwell Street Days!

Friday, July 16 through Sunday, July 18th on State Street in downtown Madison, WI is the time for Maxwell Street Days!

This annual sidewalk sale and community event showcases Madison's unique State Street and Capitol Square shopping district. More than 100 shops, boutiques, galleries and restaurants - many locally owned and members of Dane Buy Local - offer terrific bargains on clothing, jewelry, gifts, artwork, food, drink and more in this festive, family-friendly event. Music will be performed from a stage in the 200 block of State Street, outside the Overture Center for the Arts.

Hours are Friday-Saturday 8am to 6pm, and Sunday 10am to 5pm and more details are at:

I'm telling is hard to get it all in, but if you've got Madison Style I know you'll be there! And if you aren't there, perhaps it is because you are out touring homes with one of our great team members! That would be cool too!


12 Quinn Circle, Madison, WI - 1 block to Lake Monona and Bike Path

12 Quinn Court, Madison WI home for sale

12 Quinn Circle, Madison, WI

Tucked away in a peaceful neighborhood, 1 block to Esther Beach on Lake Monona, bike path & just minutes to Downtown Madison sits this private 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home with an abundance of space, 2224 sq. ft and a 2 car garage. Updated kitchen features gorgeous granite island creating the perfect dining experience & open living space that everyone raves about. The large lower level sunny family room features a gas fireplace, french doors, surround sound and a walkout to the wooded backyard & 6 person hot tub. It is hard to decide which is better, the kitchen or large screened porch with amazing views.

For current price and more photos click here.

Home Updates and Important Information

2008 Kitchen/living room remodel included: - Removed the wall that the separated the kitchen from the living area - Newly installed 8x5 granite island - Energy-efficient radiant-heated Italian tile throughout entryway, kitchen and bath - New kitchen lighting - Large skylight installed - New ceramic tile backsplash New roof in 2006 (complete tear off) New custom built wood privacy fence in 2005 KitchenAid Superba stainless steel kitchen appliance set (refrigerator, stove/range, dishwasher, microwave) all new in 2002 Past 10 years: central air, water heater and water softener Lower level was professionally finished in 2002 200 amp electrical Backyard features a 6 person hot tub (cover new in 2008) which is included, large deck that was professionally cleaned & stained in 2009 and includes Polk audio speakers and a dog kennel Washer, dryer and Hellenbrand water softener included Built-in work bench in garage included (and storage shelves) Heat-N-Glo gas fireplaces in living room and family room Family room is wired with Bose surround speakers, new in 2006 and included in sale Extensive landscaping has been done which includes great hostas, front walk patio blocks and two large flower gardens in front yard

Neighborhood Information 

Waunona is an active neighborhood with a lot to offer. The neighborhood association supports a thriving business community, numerous service clubs and organizations, a public library, and offers rich recreational opportunities for biking, walking, running (check out the Lake Monona 20 km Run), boating, picnicking, and playing. 12 Quinn circle is not only a short walk to Esther Beach on Lake Monona, but also in walking distance to Thut Park, which has recently been redeveloped by Waunona Neighborhood Association.

12 Quinn Circle School Information

Glendale Elementary Sennett Middle School LaFollette High School

For more information about this great house and to schedule a tour, call 608-438-5005 or email Or call one of our team members directly.

1518 Cameron Drive, Madison WI - Feng Shui Designed

1518 Cameron Drive, Madison, WI

1518 Cameron Drive, Madison, WI

Here is a very restful, natural home, with simple yet sophisticated design, healthy in today's environment.  Every room has been remodeled and designed with feng shui by Jackie Patricia.  *The furniture, decorations, ART are included in the sale.* Outside - beautiful, elaborate Japanese style gardens and entry courtyard.  Inside - spacious flow: foyer to gracious living room, to exquisite chef's kitchen, to den/TV area, overlooking the huge deck and amazingly landscaped backyard.  Three new Zen style bathrooms and lower level.  This is your retreat from the chaos of everyday life.

For current price and more photos click here or enjoy a virtual tour.

Home and Design Information

Feng shui is an intuitive art/science that manipulates the energy in spaces to achieve specific results for three main areas of life:  health, wealth and relationship.  This manipulation includes everything in the space:  the placement of walls, doors, windows - elements of building materials - furniture style, material and size  - placement of all large and small objects - colors -  lighting - mirrors - art.  Every t-h-i-n-g causes a response - a feeling or a thought. Given that each design choice causes a response, the careful choices in this home are for the specific feng shui intention to create Serenity, Relationship, Strength and Ease. Many windows, doors and walls have been changed to increase the ambient flow of the home, making it feel very connected and easy to move through.  An Eastern influence introduces a meditative quality throughout the home.

* * * * *

We begin at the Courtyard - spacious and private - yet welcoming, with a Red Japanese Maple tree greeting, a small pond with a bubbling moss covered rock drilled through the center, gracious stairs - deep and wide, a sitting rock, and a statue that honors all visitors.  This is the career section of the home and the items have been chosen to support a strong career - focused and lucrative.

The Foyer, tiled throughout, portends a stable career and welcomes the visitor all the way in.  The wall fountain is for financial flow in career.  The octagonal mirror is to draw in all good things.  As you look around, the colors of the foyer, hall, and stairwell are monochromatic and calming.  Because of these soft sand colors, you are drawn into the main living space, into the Heart of the home, where the colors are bright.

The strong colors of the Main Living Space are both restful and enlivening.  The Japanese Maple wall color wraps around the perimeter, holding three rooms together like wide hugging arms, with the energetic orange contrast in the center for health and strength.   The antique Chinese pieces are old and establish a feeling of longevity.  The Laughing Buddha in front of the bubbling mirrors sets the tone for lightheartedness.  The two matching Natuzzi sectional sofas cuddle and balance the space like a large barbell.  The message is to sit and put your feet up.  The gas fireplace, set into the wall at an easy viewing height, has a low profile and comes alive, creating warmth and ambiance when desired.

The bold original art is by Dennis Davis and chosen intentionally  for its powerful, non specific presence.

Wherever possible, the corners are rounded, creating ease and flow, a gentle kindness to movement that affects your state of mind, creating a sense of availability.

Wherever possible, things occur in twos, suggesting a strong partnership.

Wherever possible, there are Large objects, as opposed to small objects, creating stability and strength of body and mind - [lots of small things create a scattered feeling]

The Kitchen design is created to enable the chef to relate with others - the range facing the dining table.  The cabinets and concrete counter top are a soft sage, suggesting good health.  The floor to ceiling pantry with pullout shelves, in high gloss is a powerful mountain backdrop for the dining room.

In the Garden Room the mirror is a relationship enhancement, doubling the energy.

In the Hallway, the hand woven wool rug with cross stripes slows the energy down the long path.

The Bathroom window, which is visible from the living room has been decorated with an Indonesian hand carved screen to keep the energy from streaming out the window and to divert attention from a bathroom presence.  [Good feng shui would have you keep the bathroom door closed, however in this case the door may stand open.]  Floor and walls with the same tiling create a unified simple appearance.

The Master Bedroom - to the right is a restful blue, with two pictures over the head of the bed for relationship.  A private door leads to an enclosed area on the deck for quiet mornings.

The Master Bathroom has slate with beautiful mosaic accents for a very organic feel.  The shower enclosure, with a slate bench and built-in wall shelves, is a steam shower and requires the final electrical hookup to be operative.

Leading Down the Stairs are five vertical wall lights - this is the Health section of the home.  The number five stands for human [five digits] and lighting is fire energy for strong health chi.  The tall vertical window helps to create a small beautiful and well lighted space.  The Masland Keystone commercial carpeting on the stairs is easy to care for.  The two original Dennis Davis paintings lift your energy as you head down the stairs.  The broad landing at the foot of the stairs creates a gracious entrance to the lower level.

The Downstairs has wonderful amenities, with nicely grouped functions.

The Office is very large with an extraordinary amount of shelving. It is yellow for mental clarity.

The Media Room is dark and cozy for relaxing, with well placed lighting over the stone wall to create interesting dimensions.  The shoji screen enlarges the small window.

The beautifully tiled Lower Bathroom with a rain shower is convenient for cleaning up after a good exercise in the Workout room.  The glass brick helps to light the hall and the bathroom.

There is a large clean Storage area behind the office with ample space for a workshop.

Outside Back - The very large curved deck is great for entertaining or just relaxing, listening to the water flow.  In the Japanese style garden, the cement bridge was once the walkway in the front of the home.  The beautiful water garden brings tranquility when enjoyed from the kitchen window and the back deck.  In the Wealth section [left rear corner of the garden] is a meditation seat.  In the Marriage section [far right corner of the garden] are two tall pines and two chairs for strong relationship. The small courtyard behind the garage has been added to enhance the Marriage section of the home.

Outside Front and Sides -  The deep wine color of the home creates privacy and wealth.  Stone and Brick Paths encircle the home creating good circulation and strong health chi.  The very large flat rock at the driveway entrance is to augment the Helpful People/Travel section.

All of the pieces mentioned were chosen to create the good feng shui of the home and will remain in the home.  Items marked with blue tape will leave the home when it is sold.

The owners of this home, David Yankovich and Jackie Patricia, are also the owners of La Brioche True Food restaurant in Madison.  They married five years ago.  This was David's home prior to their marriage.  Jackie, a feng shui master, designed this home and the restaurant, as well as dozens of other homes in the Madison area.  She is available to speak in more depth about the feng shui of this home to potential buyers.

For more information or a private tour, please contact Sara Alvarado at 608-251-6600 or

6206 Sharpsburg Drive, Madison, WI - Spacious 4 BR Green Built Home

6206 Sharpsburg Drive, Madison, WI

6206 Sharpsburg Drive, Madison, WI

One of our favorite Veridian floorplans! The large kitchen opens up to a warm family room, lots of natural light, gleaming hardwood floors, gas fireplace, huge breakfast bar & dining area. First floor also features a formal dining room, office (or can be used as a family room or den), 1/2 bath and laundry room. What so many buyers want are all bedrooms upstairs and this floor plan has that! The 2nd floor offers a spacious hallway and a full bathroom with a separate door for the sink so multiple kids can easily share and maintain privacy. The master suite has a tray ceiling, walk in closet, master bath with a double vanity & soaking tub and is a great get away after a long day.

For current price and more photos visit 6206 Sharpsburg Drive, Madison.

Huge basement features a waterproofing system and is ready to be finished! This home is Energy Star & Green Built certified. And the backyard offers great views and is extra large for fun playtime!

Grandview Commons on Madison's East Side

This award-winning, innovative east side neighborhood really does offer a fresh approach to neighborhood living. According to the Veridian Homes, Grandview Commons has received the "Next Generation Neighborhood" award from the 1,000 Friends of Wisconsin in recognition of forward thinking design. Created with the principles of traditional neighborhood design, it features shady front porches, with the idea that people really know their neighbors. How? By bringing back some great old ideas -- garages in the rear, lots of greenspace, and housing options for all ages and income levels.

6206 Sharpsburg Drive Schools

Elvehjem Elementary School, Sennet Middle School and LaFollette High School.

Or search school districts here!

If you are interested in learning more about this home please contact us: 608.438.4315 or request the full mls datat sheet at: