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Madison Style: Is it just in Wisconsin or is it a state of mind?

Madison family biking on Madison's great bike pathsIn Wisconsin, Madison Style is something you've got, you want to have or it just depends on the day. I love living in Madison, I love Madison Style and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! (please note that this post is dated June and not January).

You know Madison Style...

- You're shopping at your local market and support Dane Buy Local. Yes, you'll end up at the big stores every once in a while but as long as you make sure your tote bags are from local markets and not from 'you know where', you can maintain your Madison Style. Take it to the next level with all our fabulous farmers' markets.

- Biking. Biking to work, for play, or even just having your bike attached to the back of your hybrid car shows your Madison Style. And hang out at the local bike shops because they are awesome, and we have tons! Madison also has some of the best bike paths!

-  Drink beer. This is going out on a limb for me since I don't drink beer (oh no, I'm losing credibility!) but you know you've got Madison Style if you are drinking good beer. If you aren't sure what good beer is, order the Spotted Cow. Or make a weekend of testing all the local brews and you're sure to make great friends and find the right beer for you. If you are not a beer drinker, Madison Style is all about healthy water bottles and local coffee shops.

-  Play at the Park. Maybe it is because when it is nice out we HAVE to enjoy it so you'll see Madison Family Style playing at Madison's great Parks, having picnics, sipping coffee, chatting with friends. And up that a couple of notches by going to the numerous festivals we have in Madison.

- Get active. And I don't mean physically (although that is an important part of Madison Style too). What do you believe in? What cause are you willing to speak out about passionately? That is how Madison Style gets active. You could wait for someone to ask you to join a committee or Madison neighborhood group but more powerfully, get involved with something that lights you up.

- Read the Isthmus. It is clearly crucial to stay informed and entertained.

- Madison Style is authentic. We are Midwestern nice but with Madison Style. Friendly, kind and persistent.

Loving Madison every day!

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