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5 Tips for the Best Backyard BBQ

You love your home, you love your yard and Madison WI finally has gorgeous weather so you can share the fun with neighbors, family and friends. The Backyard BBQ is the best way to do that. Here are 5 great tips to get you started!

1. Get your backyard ready!

You can involve the whole family; kids can help by picking up sticks & organizing outdoor toys and games. Mow the lawn the morning of your BBQ party and take steps toward a poison free, natural lawn. Make sure to have a variety of outdoor fun like bubbles, chalk, balls and depending on the size of your yard you can set up a volleyball net or get ready for a game of capture the flag. If you are going to have some sprinkler fun, make sure to let your guests know so they can bring bathing suits, towels and an extra set of clothes for the kids.

2. Double check that you have the basics.

Make sure you have these important things on hand: a cooler for drinks, ice, enough outdoor chairs and tables (you can borrow from neighbors too), grilling utensils, charcoal, condiments, buns, and a planned menu.

3. Plan for smart eating.

Don't use disposable plates and utensils. It may seem easier but think of the extra waste added to the landfill and the extra dollars you can save by using the plates in your kitchen. Since you most likely enjoy outdoor eating during the warm summer months invest in sturdy recycled products that you can reuse over and over again. If you are having a huge party and need to bring in disposable products there are wonderful options out there with sugarcane being 100% biodegradable, and other recycled paper products that are compostable too.

4. Create a list of easy side dishes.

When you invite friends, family and/or neighbors over for your fun backyard BBQ they will most likely offer to bring something to the party. Be prepared with some easy dishes to request to ensure a great variety and then confirm what they plan to bring and add that to your planned menu. Some easy ideas for great side dishes are: fruit salads, potato salads, guacamole & chips, drinks, and healthy desserts like strawberries and whip cream or oatmeal cookies. 

5. Grill to perfection.

You can't have the best backyard BBQ without preparing the best BBQ foods. Go easy and grill hot dogs and brats. And if you are ready for some delicious ribs, Carlos has an easy and yummy recipe. Boil the ribs until they are soft, adding 1 cup of BBQ sauce and 1 orange (cut the orange in 4 pieces, squeeze the juice in the boiling water and toss the peels in). Then grill the ribs for 3-5 minutes and coat with more BBQ sauce. If you want to prepare early you can boil the ribs a day or two before the party and they will be ready for quick grilling.

HAVE FUN! Make sure that the planning and preparing is full of fun and that will guarantee the best BBQ day for everyone! If you are looking for a home with the perfect backyard for a BBQ party check out our Madison WI featured listings and call us to get started!

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