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How clean is our air in Madison, WI?

Are any of these kids suffering because of the outdoor air quality?

As a Mom to an asthmatic child my eyes open wide when I see published information about the air quality in Madison, WI. And I KNOW we have many clients that not only care about air quality in our beautiful city but also in our homes!  I just read that, "Dane County continues to meet state and federal standards and enjoy a majority of days with "good" quality air. However, we still have days when the air quality is unhealthy, particularly for sensitive groups (e.g. children, the elderly, and individuals with respiratory or cardiovascular disease). In 2009, there were 10 days that reached the federal "unhealthy for sensitive groups" classification due to high levels of fine particulate matter." That is a scary number for many people. In fact, 63,000 people in Dane County suffer chronic respiratory disease. Read more about it here...

And we've got Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to think about too!

The great thing about indoor air quality is that it is something that can be monitored and improved by simple actions we take on a daily basis:

1) Quit smoking in your home (or just quit smoking altogether)

2) Building materials and furnishings

3) Asbestos (and if you have an older home, find out about possible vermiculite insulation in your attic)

4) Household cleaning products (we are huge Shaklee fans, find out why!)

5) Radon, pesticides, carbon monoxide

Important information about these potential hazards in your home can be found at the Environmental Protection Agency website or click here.

We should feel good about our kids playing outside EVERY day in Madison, WI and everywhere in the world! Not 355 days of the year but 365! And it is our responsibility to be proactive about the quality of the air in our homes!

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