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Finding the Right Neighborhood

People think it is all about the house but after years of working in real estate in the Madison WI area, the house is usually second on the list of what is important for buyers. The house is second?! I know it sounds a bit off the wall, when we are spending thousands of dollars on a home, how could something be more important than the actual house? But I say this confidently because every day Buyers meet with us in our office or at the neighborhood coffee shop and talk about community, about neighborhood and the importance of walking their kids to school, or being close to work or a neighborhood grocery store. Some couples talk about mature trees and big yards as being more important than if the home has a 1 car or 2 car garage. While others want a small yard so they aren't spending so much time maintaining the yard and prefer to live close to the bike path and park.

Is it just in Madison WI that we are surrounded by people who care more about the community than they do about square footage? That sounds kind of dreamy. And I am aware that we live in this wonderful bubble in Madison and so I wonder what it is like in other cities in the United States. And I wonder what it is like for families in Spain or Russia when they start the home buying process.

From the Madison Suburbs to the Right Neighborhood

Julie Campbell, Buyer Specialist on our team, recently helped a young couple who lived in an area that made it a convenient commute to Anna's job in Verona, at Epic. As Julie worked with Anna and Matt, they made it clear that they were ready to sacrifice the big newer house with the two car garage and the large walk in closet and master bath suite for a neighborhood. She was okay adding on to her daily commute so they could find their place in a neighborhood that fit their lifestyle and their values. They went from a 10 year old 3 bedroom home with 2 full and 2 half baths and 2,159 square feet to a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1,298 square foot home in Monona. They are so happy and so in love with the simplicity of their home and the community feeling in their neighborhood.

The house was second on the list of priorities for Anna and Matt as they searched for their dream home. And as a Real Estate Broker that bought my house because of the school district and the fabulous yard, I get it. And I think you all do too.

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