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What home Buyers & Sellers need to know during COVID-19

What home Buyers & Sellers need to know during COVID-19

Real estate was named an ‘essential’ business by the State of Wisconsin on March 23rd, 2020 per the Safer at Home Order and since then we’ve made some significant adjustments. Housing is an essential need. If you are in a home and feel safe, it makes it easier to navigate through this pandemic. If you need to buy or sell a home right now, you might feel anxious or have questions. We are here for you.

Not only are we following the CDC safety guidelines for businesses but we are also going above and beyond in other areas specific to the real estate industry. The best way to start is with a virtual conversation. Reach out and we can discuss any real estate questions or concerns you may have about the impact of COVID-19 and your situation.

If you have real estate questions and are concerned about the impact of COVID-19, please reach out for a virtual consultation.

info@TheAlvaradogroup.com |  608.251.6600

3 Unsettling Truths about Neighborhood Segregation

3 Unsettling Truths about Neighborhood Segregation

by Sara Alvarado

The Black Lives Matter movement is forcing many White people to open our eyes to inequalities we have long ignored. One such issue is neighborhood segregation and unequal access to homeownership.

Since the Fair Housing Act passed in 1968, the gap between Black and White homeownership rates has widened —growing from 27 percentage points in 1960 to 30 points in 2017—and the Black homeownership rate has actually stayed almost exactly the same.

After many years of silence, White communities are beginning to talk about the ways segregation shuts Black, Indigenous, and People of Color out of opportunities to gain wealth, attend well-funded schools, and be safe in their homes.

Many White people are asking, “What can I do?”

Before we can take any action to desegregate our neighborhoods, we need to understand three unsettling truths about neighborhood segregation.

Truth 1: The segregation of our neighborhoods was deliberate, legal, and rooted in racist lies…

Real Estate and Racial Justice Resources

Real Estate and Racial Justice Resources

So you’re ready to learn more about racism in America’s real estate industry. 

Maybe you attended a Black Lives Matter event. Maybe you’ve started to notice that the neighborhoods in your city are starkly segregated, and that Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and families of color seem to have a hard time building generational…

Congratulations to James and Ariana!

Looking for homes in the middle of a pandemic was not easy for Ariana and James! Ariana was not able to attend showings with James so we used FaceTime and it was a great way for her to tour homes with us. And if you want some real talk, the home buying process was at times discouraging, emotional, and also exciting. It all paid off and there were some big smiles at closing! Congratulations Ariana and James on your first home purchase!

If you’d like to discuss buying or selling your home, please contact Carlos Alvarado, Principal Broker, at 608.438.6757 or Carlos@TheAlvaradoGroup.com

4643 Star Spangled Trail, Madison – Sold by Alvarado Real Estate Group

4643 Star Spangled Trail, Madison – Sold by Alvarado Real Estate Group

JUST SOLD 4643 Star Spangled Trail, Madison on 6/12/2020 for $325,000 by April Johnson.
4 bedrooms | 3 full bath | 2,380 sq ft.

After just 2 days on the market, we helped our buyers get an accepted offer and become new owners of this great 4 bedroom ranch. Congratulations!

If you’d like to discuss selling or buying a home of your own, please contact April at April@TheAlvaradoGroup.com