Atwood Neighborhood Sign, Madison, WIThe Schenk-Atwood neighborhood association describes itself as a diverse, friendly and human scale village in the heart of Madison. As you stroll down the street, you will see the front porch style neighborhood: people sitting on their porches welcoming you to chat about life in the neighborhood and beyond. The diverse mix of residents: from the traditional professional to the creative musician, the family makeup that spans ages, races, incomes, and orientation, as well as the vast interest in local to worldly advocacy makes this neighborhood a highly desirable place to live. The charitable spirit is high with the neighborhood supporting, through financial and volunteer time, the Goodman Community Center that serves youth and seniors. There is a strong business association that provides this neighborhood with thriving restaurants, coffee shops, retail, yoga studios and more and also offers an annual street fair every summer

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Atwood Neighborhood, Madison, WI