Our Story

Welcome Home!

We are so glad you’re here. Take a deep breath in and relax. We've been waiting for you, and we're ready to guide you through your real estate journey. We believe that real estate is so much more than a building on a lot. It’s about family, community, relationships and finding somewhere you can feel truly at home.

Enjoy Stress-Free Buying and Selling

We know you've done your research, and now we’re here provide you with our insights and experience to enhance your own knowledge, help you focus on your needs, and keep the process fluid and (dare we say it?) fun. You can rely on us to handle all the tricky details of buying and selling, while allowing you to stay focused on what matters most to you.

Expect Care and Respect

Our agents go beyond selling real estate. When you work with us, you will see things are done professionally to ensure that details of the transaction are well attended to, and that the people involved in the process are treated with care and respect. With backgrounds in everything from social work to horticulture to construction, our brokers care about helping you move through your real estate journey with a focus on YOU, your needs, wants, and priorities. We listen well, ask the right questions, and respect your values and choices.

Harness the Power of Teamwork

When you hire a Realtor from Alvarado Real Estate to represent you, you get so much more than just one individual independent Realtor, you get a TEAM.

Wouldn’t it seem strange if you went to the Doctor and found them answering the phone, filing for insurance claims and making appointments? Or if you arrived at the airport and found the pilot checking the luggage and assigning seats?

Trying to handle all aspects of the real estate transaction is similar to playing every position in baseball. When one person attempts to be the pitcher, the outfielder and the first baseman all at the same time, the ball gets dropped.

That's why we offer you the Team Advantage. We have a Transaction Coordinator that steps in once you have an accepted offer and works closely with you, the agents involved, the title company, lender and anyone else unique to the transaction to ensure all details are handled precisely. We also offer specialized marketing services to make sure our listings are showcased with expert care and exposed to as many potential buyers as possible. Plus our agents also help each other to utilize all the experience and knowledge we have gained, so you can take advantage of everyone’s expertise.

The team environment at the Alvarado Real Estate Group is a place of true collaboration and support. We all work together at our respective positions, to make sure that no balls get dropped and you hit a HOMErun. (See what we did there?)

We are of and for Our Community

When you work with us, you're working with your neighbors! We don’t just care about real estate, we care about our neighborhoods and our communities. We volunteer, we participate in community events, and we love to showcase our community to you, our customers, so you fall just as deeply in love with the diverse and incredible offerings within Madison and the surrounding areas of Dane County. Our in depth knowledge of the area’s many neighborhoods and all they have to offer will help you find a community you will love.

We are Independent and Locally-Owned

Our founders have more than 25 years of combined experience, and we've always worked to provide the residents of Madison and the surrounding areas with a unique business model that works. We became an independent brokerage in 2005, and we live by our values, and with high integrity, to provide our clients with a unique, local flair you just won’t find anywhere else.

We Live Green. Vive Verde.

When you work with us, you're working with a company that not only cares about its clients and the community, but also cares about the environment. We aim to create a sustainable community, both through strong relationships and respect and care for our natural environment. We are committed to green practices in our business and office and are constantly striving to live green every way we can, which includes helping our clients understand ways we can live in our home that support a healthier planet.

We love sharing our knowledge of sustainability and the home as a system, and have forged local partnerships as an added value for our clients that are interested in creating a more efficient and healthier home for their family.

Whether you're just starting out or you're halfway there, we're here to guide you. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and we can partner you up with an agent that fits your needs best: info@thealvaradogroup.com608-251-6600