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7 Apps for Homeowners

7 Apps for Homeowners

7 apps for homeowners

Becoming a homeowner is exciting and can also be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a new homeowner or have been one for years, there always seem to be projects or unexpected surprises to navigate. Check out these seven apps for meeting all your homeowner needs.

1. Around Me

This is the app everyone should have! Whether you’re in your hometown or in a new city, this is the app to help you search for anything! Find restaurants, banks, gas stations, hotels, movie theatres. You name it, Around Me can help you find it. Once you find a location, the app can help navigate you there.


2. NextDoor

Nextdoor is your neighborhood must-have app that connects you with neighbors and locals near you. It gives news from neighbors, businesses, and public agencies and allows you to connect instantly to people, businesses, and events by you. It’s the perfect app to get to know your community and neighborhood. It also brings some social justice issues to the surface. This article addresses some things to watch out for.


3. Centriq

This is the all-in-one home management app for your appliances. No more hassle and stress in finding your paper manuals or the item number. Simply snap a picture of the appliance and it’ll add manuals, warranties, troubleshooting, and more to your account. There’s also a section to order parts and accessories.


4. Houzz

Houzz is the perfect app for remodeling your home or getting creative ideas for decoration and design. Whether it’s a full kitchen remodel or a new couch for the living room, this is the best app. You can browse and save photos and product ideas for your next home project. If you find a product you like, you can also shop for it right in the app.


5. Everything But The House

This app is made to make buying and selling secondhand goods a breeze. Most items are things you’d find at an estate sale or an antique shop. With every item starting at $1, it makes selling, browsing, and bidding an exciting process. Items stay open for one week and like most auctions, the highest bid wins.


6. GreenPal

GreenPal helps you find, schedule, and pay for personal lawn services all in one app. The app connects you with local lawn services that are reliable. All you do is post a picture of your lawn, and the app will send you bids from GreenPal professionals. You can even get service within one day of posting! They also help with snow removal during the winter season.


7. JouleBug

This is a great app if you’re looking to be more sustainable and lower your energy consumption. It provides tips and tricks on how to lower your monthly bills and reduce your waste. It even has a social media aspect where you can compete against your friends and do challenges.



Being a homeowner is a big accomplishment. Be proud of it and use any of these apps to help you keep your home just how you like it. It is your house after all!

If you’re looking for local help with work around your house, click here to view our list of recommended experts.


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